Pot plant parenting & other storiesWatch now (4 min) | This may be helpful if you have a teenager or a tween, a mention of my book if I may.
Age cut-off for the Advent Calendar?Parents & care givers are you still buying your 18 year-olds and upwards Advent Calendars? Are you still getting them from your own parents? Are…
Maybe you need them, maybe you don't: some advice from the wise on small changes to make if a family Christmas looms with a tiny hint of dread.
Xmas tree? It's too soon people I don’t know if you need to hear this but it is OK if you haven’t put your Christmas tree up. It is still November FGS!
Poop Tornado and other funny family sayingsThis is one of the best Christmas present ideas I’ve come across in a while: a poster of one family’s favourite sayings framed for their teenage…
A cold water plunge: who's in?ASK ME ANYTHING: Several people have quizzed me about how to get started with cold water swimming this week and as I am keen to spread the addic…
How do you pick a trip that suits families with older offspring and supplies adventures you'll all talk about forever? Here's how (and where).
Anchoring: some ideasHappiness non-negotiables; what are yours? A morning coffee in a Cornish pottery mug (surprise gift from hubby years ago), a weekly (or more) sw…
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